Reforming rented apartment: how does it work?

Reforming rented apartment can be a headache – or not, when you use creativity and good taste

Often a good opportunity for the pocket is not exactly within the decorating standards – but the expectation of retirement makes up for it. But how to do it when the property is rented?

Well, in that case, you have three possibilities: to leave everything as it is, to talk with the owner and see if he is willing to discount the rent spent on retirement, or leave to do it yourself and make a decoration with the least possible intervention, but filled with good taste and creativity.

As this last option seems the most practical and easy for most people, we found some pretty cool ideas to remodel your home just through the decor. Here’s how to renovate a rented apartment without breaking it, but with lots of ideas in your head.

Decorate for economy and sustainability

Decorating a rented apartment can be a challenge, but you can be sure it will make up for it. Eid Mubarak With one eye in the pocket and another in the environment, it is possible to use creativity and make significant point changes.

Use stickers and transform your kitchen

Often the older rented apartments have dated tiles, which have gone out of fashion for a long time and more spoil than they improve the decor of the house. Today the market is full of stickers for tiles, with the most diverse designs, suitable for all styles of decoration.

Among the options are stickers that mimic hydraulic tiles. With them, it is possible to form true mosaics for entire walls or small areas.

But do not think that using the stickers in the kitchen comes down to covering ugly coatings: use your imagination and create the walls! Search the internet and distribute good taste and good humor from every corner, from the refrigerator to the cooking area.

Change the floor of your house without changing the floor

In fact, you will be covering the old floor in a way that you can remove the new one when you leave and leave everything as it was before it was time to turn the house over. As well? Easy, with vinyl floors.

They are also known as PVC flooring, have varied patterns, textures, and thicknesses, and countless advantages: they are quieter (you stay too free), hypoallergenic, water resistant, easy to clean and anti-flame.

However, know how to choose the type for your rented apartment decor does not give a headache afterward. Good Morning Wallpaper They can be installed with glue or click – the latter being the best option for those who live for rent. Easy to install, they can be quickly removed without damage to the floor below and taken to any other room or apartment.

With the vinyl floors, you can change the floor of the entire house if you want, in a practical, beautiful and economical way.

Decorate with screens and create special corners

They have returned to fashion and have everything in the world of decoration, especially in the larger spaces: the screens are an excellent option to create unique corners by the house.

The best thing is that they can be made with virtually any material, from demolition doors to decor with pallets, to DIY DIY boards with hinges and anything else that your imagination commands.

In addition, screens can move easily, creating unique environments at any time. You can use the screens in the decoration of the house to share environments or highlight a piece of furniture, for example.

Make a garden at home and change your decor 

The flower decoration is one of the most beautiful and cheap – and, believe me, efficient when it comes to giving new life to the environment.

But if you think that having a garden at home is the privilege of a few, much is wrong: you can mount it in any available corner you have. Here are some examples.

You can completely modify a wall by creating a vertical garden in coconut fiber x-axis or in pieces of eucalyptus, for example. Use sustainability and enjoy what you have at home, from crates to old desks, from canvas to dais. The result is amazing.

Create a wall slate and free up your creativity

This tip is easy, cheap, quick and can be used anywhere from home, from room to children’s room, from the kitchen to office. All you will need is matte black ink, wool roll and try to take away the excess paint. The rest is hands down!

Make a (or more!) Wallboard wherever you want. There are several specific inks on the market, but the truth is that any matte black ink has the same effect.

Use it on a small piece of wall or on the entire wall, according to your style. Write with ordinary white or colored chalk and wipe with a dry cloth. The result is incredible for those who like a cool décorate.

Create an open storage look

Are the kitchen cabinets of the rented apartment ugly? Do not get your head warmed up: go easy on the door and carefully remove the doors, keeping them in a corner. Line the cabinet interior with paper or contact and create an open storage look.

Besides being a great trend in decoration, Dope Wallpaper it is beautiful and stylish. Just be careful not to become a mess: choose your most beautiful pieces to stay on display and keep them always tidy.

You can make this kind of decoration also in any environment of the house, with shelves, macaws, and shelves. The look is completely different from the previous one and you spend very little.

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