Gmail for Android will enjoy integration with Google Tasks

The Google Tasks app has been around for years, but it’s actually one of the least known applications in the company’s vast portfolio. In fact, even the programs themselves have let it be in their corner for years, but that is changing. If you use Gmail for Android, you can sync your tasks.

It is a productivity boost and, above all, convenience for our devices.

It is one of the latest efforts of the American company to endow their Gmail with more functions, starting with the application for Android devices. Something that, especially after the closure of Inbox, was requested by the users. Now, the tech has listened to some of the requests from the public.

Integrating Google Tasks in Gmail

The Google Tasks app fulfills a premise similar to that of Google Keep,  mutatis mutandis. They are two solutions to put our appointments or reminders, respectively. However, this resemblance has, in the end, resulted in redundancy, at least in the eyes of users who will hardly use both.

Still, the Google Tasks app received a profound design change in 2018. However, it has never received any major news, at least so far. From now on, its functions can be used from the Gmail application for Android devices, depleting the purpose of Tasks.

Either way, for the user this will result in more functions and more possibilities within a single application. A healthy strategy that has been applied to several other company solutions such as Allo, Duo, Hangouts, Chat, and Meet, as well as Android Messaging, among many others.

Integration starts in the Gmail app for Android

Following a deep reform of several of the company’s applications and services since the beginning of 2019, it is users of Android devices that can take advantage of this integration in the first place. Something that becomes so apparent with the images released by the publication AndroidPolice.

In fact, we can see here several images taken from within the Gmail application. Windows 10 Manager Download Free . There, by accessing the settings within an email, we now have a new possibility, the ” Add to Tasks”. Then we can see exactly how to do it, as soon as the update reaches all Android devices.

It is for all purposes a good boost of productivity. Especially when some important email brings with it the need to mark some appointment or task on your agenda. This will allow you to access the settings and “Add to Tasks”. If you do not have the app installed, it will be shipped to the Play Store.

On the other hand, if you have the application previously installed on your Android device, the synchronization will be automatic. From there, you’ll have your appointment scheduled and can later access Google Tasks for more granular control. There you can, for example, set alarming or add subtasks.

Still, according to the source, the new functions should already be reaching Android users at this time, and is usually a gradual and phased distribution. Alternatively, you can already install the APK file with the latest version of Gmail.

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